Blended Learning Scheme

Combining online educational materials and opportunities with traditional teaching methods.

Parent Pack 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read the Blended Learning Parent Pack 2020.
You can download an online version here.

Please continue below to read and sign the contract.

Chromebook Contract

As you will have read from the Parent Pack (as above), The Priory School has introduced the opportunity for students to purchase a Chromebook for educational purposes at a very favourable price. There are four options for you to choose from:

  • Option A - An initial deposit of £50 and then twenty three equal payments of £11. This includes insurance for two years and ownership passes to yourself at the end of the lease period.
  • Option B - A one off payment of £303 and full ownership passes to yourself. This includes insurance for two years
  • Option C - A one-off payment of £249 and full ownership passes to yourself. No insurance is provided with this option and you are strongly advised to ensure it is covered for breakages outside the normal warranty.
  • Option D - Your child is currently receiving Free School Meals at Primary School.
By accepting this contract you agree to:

  • Ensure the Chromebook is used at all times within The Priory School’s ICT acceptable user policy by all users. This includes use both within the school premises and outside/in the home.
  • Ensure the Chromebook is not used for any purposes that may bring the school into disrepute or are of an illegal nature.
  • Make the Chromebook available for inspection by the school, including its content, when requested.
  • Allow its use by your son/daughter as a tool for learning and make it available for all lessons when required by the school.
Where the lease option is selected (Option A/Option D) you also agree:

  • The ownership of the Chromebook is retained by the school for the duration of the lease. Ownership will pass to the parent/carer upon completion of all payments.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • To maintain regular payments to the school as per the monthly identified amount shown above on the 5th of each month until the end of the agreed payments. By missing two consecutive months the school will withdraw the Chromebook until payments are brought up to date and a student will need to loan a device from the Chromebook Creche instead.
  • Keep the Chromebook in good condition and report damage immediately to our Network Support team.
  • If you withdraw from the lease or cease payments, you will return the Chromebook to the school within 5 school days in good condition. Payments already received will be non-refundable.
  • If the student leaves the school, you will either return the Chromebook in good condition (payments already received will be non-refundable), or complete outstanding payments before their day at The Priory School to retain ownership.
  • To be responsible for paying any costs for damage that is not covered by insurance or warranty (please see below).
  • To report any loss or theft to the school within 2 school days.
  • Not to allow any other person to attempt to repair any part of the Chromebook. This will invalidate both the warranty and the insurance.

Insurance (Option A, B and D)

The school’s insurance will be valid for two years and cover up to three instances of accidental damage during this period. This is in addition to the manufacturers warranty. The following exclusions are not covered by insurance:
  1. Malicious damage or where the user is shown to have been negligent.
  2. Deliberate damage or abuse caused by the student, parent or anyone you allow to use the Chromebook. This includes intentionally marking, defacing, and/or abusing the Chromebook and damage caused by tampering with hardware components (battery housing, RAM, keys, camera, etc.) to alter district configurations.
  3. Leaving the Chromebook unattended or failing to secure it as per school recommendations.
  4. Leaving it unsecured place, for example in an unlocked car.
  5. Loss of the Chromebook meaning that the user has no knowledge as to the place, time, or manner of the loss.
  6. Liquid/beverage spills on the Chromebook, i.e. eating; drinking near a Chromebook is not accidental and will not be covered by insurance.
  7. Excessive scratches/wear to Chromebook exterior caused by failure to regularly use a protective case.
  8. Damage caused by repairs made by an unauthorised source. Chromebook users must bring Chromebooks for repair only to the school’s Network Support department only.
  9. Chromebook issues covered by the Chromebook warranty.
To allow for timely processing of insurance claims, a replacement Chromebook will be provided from our Gold Stock. In the event of an insurance claim being rejected due to any clause above it will be the responsibility of the user to cover the cost of repairs.

Please send an email to:

if you have more questions or need other assistance
with our Blended Learning Chromebook Scheme.